What You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing in Kenya

17 Apr


The whole world has moved to the online realm. With communications technology advancing to the degree that it has, the world is much closer together. Thanks to social media, we’re all very well connected with each other. In fact, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives now. They have made an impact on every aspect of our lives including the world of business. Every business that wants to succeed in the world nowadays needs to have a good online presence. The prospect of using these platforms for social media marketing is what helps companies have that necessary presence online. When it comes to social media marketing, arguably the best platform to use is Facebook. It’s the most popular social media platform around the world and Facebook marketing is the best avenue available for businesses to utilize for their social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Every business knows that if they have a strong social media strategy for Facebook, they can enjoy quite a lot of success. From when Facebook started, it was a cool new thing for the younger generation to use and connect with each other. The aspect of Facebook marketing was there but it was nothing compared to what it is now. That has to do with both the global adoption of Facebook and also with the improved capabilities of the social media network. In fact, the use of this social media platform has gotten so popular that you can even see social media marketing in Kenya as well. With over a billion daily active users (and increasing), the lucrative potential of social media marketing is only going to go up.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

With people all over the world spending a good portion of their day on Facebook, it only makes sense that your business should also come into action and take advantage of social media marketing, right?

One of the best ways to go about Facebook marketing and building a good following on the platform is to make use of pages. They are the keys to the gate of Valhalla for a successful social media marketing strategy. A Facebook page is essentially like the personal Facebook profile but it allows people to “follow” the pages of businesses, celebrities, social causes, and brands. It works like a Facebook profile but on a meta level.

Inbound Facebook Marketing

facebook-marketingAs many ways as there might be to Facebook marketing, there is one that is favored all around when it comes to attaining a good social media marketing strategy and that is through inbound marketing.

Facebook is essentially a platform that connects people, right? Inbound marketing makes use of that aspect. It’s the kind of approach where you and your business comes off as something that’s more relatable for your followers and connect with them. Its how you take into account what your customers need and how your business can provide.

It’s all about building an authentic relationship with your followers. Not spamming them with annoying sales pitches 24/7. Providing quality content will mean you won’t have to resort to spam for a successful social media marketing strategy. With little patience, persistence, and understanding with your approach to Facebook marketing, your business can enjoy a lot of success in the long run.

Building The Facebook Page

Facebook pages are what constitute to being considered a business profile for your company. They’re like Facebook profiles except for the fact that the information they show is relevant to businesses, celebs, and organizations. To start with your Facebook marketing, your business first has to exist on Facebook.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/ and start making your Facebook page.

Depending on what your business is, select the preferred option so that the options presented to you while managing the Facebook page are relevant to the kind of business profile you have. One thing to note is that you will have to manage your Facebook page through a personal profile. Linking your personal profile to the page is not going to display your personal info on the page, don’t worry.

  • Add A Profile Display: Just like you’d do with your personal profile, add a profile picture for your business/brand/organization etc. First impressions are important. Make sure that the photo reflects your brand properly.
  • Add Cover Photo: the profile picture is something that’s seen on the newsfeed while scrolling and the cover photo’s the first impression when a person visits the page itself. Use it wisely.
  • Page Details: Add details in the description about your brand/business/company that briefly describe what you’re all about. Create a custom URL for your page so that it’s easy to find your business on Facebook. Add a call to action depending on your business. Tailor the tabs according to your business’ requirements and verify your page.

Getting Likes On Page

Facebook marketing cannot work if there are no people following your page, right? The success of your business depends on whether or not your intended audience can see the content that you produce while they are scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook.

Buying Facebook Likes? No Way!

There are resources available out there that can allow you to buy a significant number of Facebook likes for a fee that depends on the number of likes you want. While many would think that it’s an amazing way to help make the page look more legit, it’s something you should NEVER do. Why? Because the likes that you buy are all fake. Companies who sell them make use of fake accounts, compromised accounts, and even click farms to give you the quantity of likes you want.

Facebook marketing is about connecting with people. Fake likes might get you the quantity of likes but never the quality. All the ‘people’ who like your page probably won’t even interact with your page beyond that point. Your social media marketing strategy should be aimed towards getting more engagement.

Promote Your Page

After you’re completely sure that you have everything done right when setting up your Facebook page, the next step in your Facebook marketing strategy is what any other social media marketing strategy should be: Promotion.

Share the page as much as you can among friends and family from your personal account. Make it a point that you’re promoting the page to people who will find it relevant among your friend list. When you start getting more likes, encourage your friends and family to share it along with their friends and family.

Start making use of paid advertising on Facebook to promote your page further.

Lastly, Consistent Quality Content

While you’re working on promoting your page, your focus should be simultaneously on producing the kind of quality content that reflects your brand/business/organization. This has to be done in a consistent manner so that all the promotional efforts of your social media marketing strategy that drive more people to visit your page will encourage interaction.

You do not want people to arrive to your page and find nothing there. Build up a good body of content. It should resonate with your followers and encourage them to interact with your business and carry your message forward.

Combine the organic promotion with paid advertisement to increase the reach of your Facebook page far and wide while making sure that you’re giving the followers what they came to your page for. It’s a slow process but this way you will definitely get the kind of following you need for your business and encourage more people to interact with your business.

All of this is very simple to write down but following it all is a whole different ordeal. You will learn a lot more things along the way as you begin your social media marketing strategy. All marketing on social media should start off with Facebook marketing. Once you start off, and things pick up the pace, the results will speak for themselves.


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